WE have a loan for virtually every borrower.
SEe a sampling of programs listed here and if you have questions, please feel free to contact us about a specific need you have.  


If you have worked to build your credit profile and are at a top tier we believe you should be able to get the best pricing available in the industry.   Comprised of some of the best conventional rates and pricing in the industry, Lineage Lending’s Elite program allows you to close quickly, while getting the best possible terms.
760+ FICO
80% LTV or less
$250,000+ loan amount
Property inspection waivers accepted
Underwrite to AUS findings
Fixed and ARMs available
Conforming, High Balance, and Jumbo

A great alternative to FHA financing for a borrower looking to purchase with a low down payment or refinance with limited equity.
Up to 97% LTV
First time homebuyers, move-up borrowers, and retirees
Refinances up to 97% LTV, regardless of current mortgage program
No income limits for Underserved Areas
No reserve requirements for 1-unit properties
Gift funds eligible for entire down payment

Time is of the essence with loan we do.   We don’t wait for our clients to contact us for updates.  We simply give them the most competitive rates and close their High Balance loan in record time!
Loan amounts from $484,350 – county loan limits
Elite pricing available for  top-tier clients

HARP 2.0
We’re closing HARP 2.0 (Home Affordable Refinance Program) in 20 days or less! Do you have a current loan with Fannie Mae that was originated prior to May 31, 2009? HARP 2.0/DU Refi Plus allows you to refinance your current loan even if you owe more than the property is currently valued at.
Up to 175% LTV/Unlimited CLTV
No DTI restrictions (approve/eligible findings)
Property inspection waivers are accepted
Condos and high balance loans are eligible up to 125% LTV/CLTV
M.I. transfers allowed with our HARP 2.0 with M.I. program
.75 max cap adjustment

Lineage Lending’s aggressive ARM pricing can provide a lower payment for you every time. Secure your loan in competitive 5/1 or 7/1 low interest rate ARMS.
Get highest savings with lower rate and payment options
Quickly and easily speak with your Lineage mortgage loan originator to determine your  best scenario

Need an ARM loan to accommodate non-conforming loan amounts? Get Qualified for Lineage’s high balance 5/1 and 7/1 ARM products! Conventional loans meeting the following requirements are eligible:
$484,350+ loan amount
LTV's as high as 90%
680+ FICO


FHA borrowers at a top level deserve a product with industry-leading government rates and pricing. This is the obvious choice for you.
720+ FICO
$484,350 - county loan limit
All fixed term mortgages
Single family primary residences
Debt ratios accepted up to 55%

Lineage Lending’s FHA Streamline program allows you to refinance your FHA loan with no appraisal. 
Debt ratios accepted up to 55%
Up to 60 days interest allowed
640+ FICO


Lineage Lending’s aggressive ARM pricing can provide a lower payment for your specific scenario. 
5/1 Treasury ARM available
Quickly and easily price out your loans with your own Lineage Mortgage Loan Originator for your  best scenario


A top tier borrower deserves industry-leading government rates and pricing. This is the obvious choice for you.
720+ FICO
$484,350 - county loan limit
All fixed term mortgages
Single family primary residences


We love nothing more than to serve those who have bravely served in the Armed Forces with Lineage’s VA IRRRL with no appraisal. This allows our veteran borrowers to take advantage of their VA benefits by streamlining their current VA loan into a lower interest rate.
LTVs available up to 150%, unlimited CLTV
No appraisal
Maximum loan amount based on county limits
Available in all 50 states
AVM ran prior to submission
Elite pricing available

Among the most competitive 30-year fixed rates in the industry, Lineage offers incentives on all purchase transactions. Our borrowers can qualify for a Jumbo loan up to $7 million with clear, hassle-free guidelines. Lineage makes Jumbo as easy as Conventional and FHA!
700+ FICO for primary residences
Up to 90% LTV with no PMI
15-year and 30-year fixed
Primary and secondary homes allowed
$484,350 – $7,000,000 loan amounts (with exceptions)
5, 7, and 10-year ARMs available 

A non-agency loan that makes sense!   This allows us to accommodate borrowers that don’t fit into a neat little box.
DTI range of 43.01% – 50.00%
Loan amounts from $484,350 – $2,000,000
700+ FICO
Both primary and secondary homes allowed
Cash-out loans available
LTVs as high as 80%


Rural development loans are a great option for borrowers looking for 100% financing. Lineage is delegated with USDA, ensuring a smooth, quick process for both your clients and referral partners. Count on Lineage to hit contract dates on USDA purchases, with direct access to underwriting and industry leading turn times!
30-year fixed rate
No down payment required
No cash reserves needed
Closing costs may be financed on some transactions
Seller contributions allowed
Competitively low rates


This is a non-agency loan for smart investors.
Investor Ideal is a unique loan for clients looking to purchase or refinance non-owner occupied properties with no personal income verification.

Unlimited number of financed properties
Approval based on cash flow of property
Loan amounts from $75,000-$1,000,000
Verification of employment history only
720+ FICO

This is a cash out loan within six months of a purchase.  It allows the buyer to recover a portion of an all cash purchase.  Below is the amount of cash out a borrower can retrieve and at what maximum loan to value.
Up to 65% Loan to Value, with up to $1,000,000 cash out
Up to 60% Loan to Value, with up to $1,500,000 cash out
Up to 55% Loan to Value, with up to $2,000,000 cash out
Up to 45% Loan to Value, with up to $2,500,000 cash out

Stated Income/Verified Assets and Bank Statement/P&L Programs.
Alt-A Bank Statement Program With 1 Year Seasoning for
          BK's, Foreclosures and Short Sales.

All borrowers must be 62 Years Old
You own your home, NOT the lender. Because you continue to own your home, you must keep your
property taxes and insurance current, maintain the property, and otherwise comply with the loan terms.
Generally, no repayment is made until the home is sold or the owner permanently moves out or passes away.
Due to the non-recourse feature, you will never owe more than the current market value of your
home at the time the loan comes due.
Interest is paid at the time the loan is repaid.
When your loan is due your heirs have choices.  They can repay the loan and keep the home or sell and keep the remaining equity.
Typically interest rates are adjustable and can change periodically. Fixed rate options are also available.
Most closing costs and fees incurred can be financed as part of the loan.