Our goal is to welcome clients with a handshake, offer relevant advice and exceptional delivery.  


Everyone's heard stories about surprise costs at the closing table by unscrupulous brokers.
Rest assured, those types of bait-and-switch tactics are never used here.
We promise to put YOU first.
This means honest conversations about program options, pricing and timelines.


Lineage puts into daily practice a level of integrity, honesty, and customer service that is unmatched in this industry. It is, and always has been our goal to stand out as beacon within the industry for all others to strive towards. Paramount in our company’s ethos is our customers come first. Those who are hired to work here buy into the highest level of professionalism, training, accountability, and unwavering support for our clients. We have no interest in doing just one transaction for our clients. We want to be the company they trust for life. We accomplish this through absolute transparency in our process.  Each client is treated like family and come to expect the type of respect that is inherent with such a relationship. We value the business and opinion of our clients and make all efforts to ensure each and every client is fully satisfied.